Can You Make Anything With Couscous Besides Couscous?

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“COUSCOUS” is one of the most misunderstood words in cooking. The problem is that it’s an ingredient and a dish using that ingredient. (It’s as if “flour” were used for a dish called “flour.”)
So. Couscous the dish is most commonly a highly seasoned stew with lamb and vegetables, maybe with chickpeas (or with chickpeas and no lamb; or with fish; and so on),...
...with the couscous — not the dish, the ingredient — steamed above the stew, or cooked separately from it and served with it.
And couscous the product is not, as many think, a grain. It’s a small semolina pasta, traditionally hand-rolled but now usually made by machine. But it’s often cooked and served like a grain.
Can you make anything with couscous besides couscous? Yes. Here it is...

Full Story: Couscous Shows Its Sweet Side; By MARK BITTMAN, on the New York Times


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