Goose, Sparkling Cocktails, Pastrami, Bagels, Whitefish Salad...

Sparkling Holiday ~
The Washington Post ~ One goose goes a long way : With a few clever knife strokes, one goose becomes a pint of Indian-spiced rillettes... ~ Sparkling Holiday Cocktails - Drinks : Around the holidays – we don't reach for plain old wine, whiskey, or beer: We raise a glass of bubbly...

Travel + Leisure ~ Reinventing Jewish Food : The comfort-food classics of Jewish cooking are being reinvented by a new generation of chefs...

The Independent ~ Sweet surrender: Mark Hix's home-made Christmas goodies : Cupboard and larders are normally full to the brim at Christmas time with chocolates, sweets and...

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Italiaca… Dissapore ~ I francesi vivono più a lungo perché mangiano Roquefort : Un gruppo di scienziati di Cambridge, in Inghilterra, ha scoperto che il Roquefort ha specifiche proprietà anti-infiammatorie...

Journal Parisien : La Grande Roue de Paris, Place de la Concorde

"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." ~Vincent Van Gogh (

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Italiaca… La Stampa ~ I vestiti nuovi del panettone 2012 : Il fenomeno del “cake design” trasforma il dolce natalizio in spettacolari sculture di glassa...

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Food Republic ~ Video: The Plating Of Alinea’s Lamb 86 Is Art. Art, People! : The food vs. art debate rages strong... ~ When kitchen experiments go wrong : Can you top the tale of the chocolate digestive curry?... ~ Snack Culture Rising: Why Restaurant Menus Will Feature Even More Snacks Next Year : The daypart between lunch and dinner continues to grow... ~ New Year’s Resolution: Veg Out More in 2013 : Switching to plant-based eating will make many times more difference...

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
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On healthy eating in the global food community ~ Natural Chemotherapy Support Part One : The topic of conventional chemotherapy is quite controversial in the natural health community... ~ Grapefruit and Drugs Often Don't Mix : The patient didn’t overdose on medication. She overdosed on grapefruit juice...

The Economist ~ The World Is Getting Wider. Should governments make their citizens exercise more and eat less?...

Pear and Blue Cheese Millefeuilles
Pear and Blue Cheese Millefeuilles (Photo credit: ockstyle)


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