Culinary Close-Up: Vegetarian Meals and Chocolate's Artisans (Le beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!)

Overview ~
Analyzing Vegetarian Meals

"What is vegetarianism? Veganism? Why are many drawn to these diets?"

In this lesson, students create vegetarian menus for fictional characters, then analyze them for nutritional content... ~ Minus the Meat: Analyzing and Creating Healthy Vegetarian Meals

Chocolate in the morning? Try it some time... ~ How Does Chocolate Grow on Trees? Expensively. | Cacao | Artisan

Along with sunny spa-filled days, cocoa tourism takes visitors island-hopping from bean to bonbon... ~ A Chocolate Tour of the Caribbean

Handing-it straight round at a party, with coffee after dinner, keep it in the freezer, or give it away for Christmas presents... BBC - Food ~ Recipes : Chocolate pistachio fudge

In November's seasonal food you will find rich game meats to complement hearty root vegetables... Delicious. Magazine ~ November seasonal food

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French Notes… Précis de résistance à la société du spectacle... Drôles de gammes | Rue89 Les blogs ~ 'Lettres à une jeune pianiste'

Journal Parisien :

“Some people have no idea what they're doing, and a lot of them are really good at it.”
~George Carlin (

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French Notes… Le beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!... Obsession ~ Beaujolais Nouveau / Les meilleurs plans de l’AOC 2012

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Think Mom's same old Thanksgiving mashed potatoes are boring? Jejune? Predictable?... The Salt : NPR ~ Wake Up Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes With A Touch Of Kimchi

It is home to half of Spain's three-Michelin-starred restaurants, alongside superb pintxo bars... The Independent ~ San Sebastian: Small is beautiful for classy cuisine - Europe - Travel

The likes of Rick Stein and The Hairy Bikers have been credited for changing attitudes... Mail Online ~ Snake for dinner... yes please! Brits abroad now love to tuck into cultural cuisine, thanks to celebrity chefs

Introducing a cauliflower dish by saying that the technique for cooking it comes from from a series of tweets by a U.K. food writer... The Washington Post ~ Cauliflower’s 140-character study - All We Can Eat

Venison was once the preserve of the wealthy. But this supposedly 'gamey' meat is undergoing a popular revival... BBC Food ~ Venison back on British menu

You may not have a clue where it is, but you’ll certainly know two things about it... The Telegraph ~ Versatile venison recipes from Daylesford Organic

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
* The Telegraph ~ Warning - TV cookery shows are 'bad for the waistline'
* ::GlutenFree Etc @FoodMeditations:: Healthy eating in the global food community ...

Veg - Eggplants with Chocolate - Prep
Veg - Eggplants with Chocolate - Prep (Photo credit: ockstyle)

~ Looking for recipes? Check The Recipes Hunter collection...

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