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Actually who produce most of the words attributed to chefs in cookbooks? ~ Food-themed documentaries that can change the way we think about food ~ Here’s to the elemental appeal of miso ~ Why critics rarely rate the greatness of a restaurant based on its cheese selection? ~ How to make "Ajitsuke Tamago" ...

Nebulous profession

"Helping restaurant chefs translate their culinary genius to the printed page"

Tales from the ink-stained (and grease-covered) wretches...
The New York Times ~ I Was a Cookbook Ghostwriter

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“Bachelor's fare: Bread, cheese, and kisses”
~Jonathan Swift (

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Food Meditations

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Food Issue Films
Zester Daily ~ “City Farmers” and “The Apple Pushers” Should Shape Food Politics

Pantry notes
NPR ~ Escarole, Cinderella Of The Chicories

The New York Times ~ Umami Dearest

NY Daily News ~ Aphrodisiac and hangover cookies? Organic trade show to debut desserts for dogs, sweets that claim to make you smart

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Asian touch
Serious Eats ~ The Food Lab, Ramen Edition: How to Make a Marinated Soft Boiled Egg (Ajitsuke Tamago)

Chef notes ~ Bruce Palling on Food: On a Cheese-Selecting Mission With Alain Ducasse

Cooking celebrity
NOWNESS ~ Ozwald Boateng: In the Kitchen

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
* ~ How to go gluten-free
* The Washington Post ~ 5 so-called health foods you should avoid

Bloomberg Businessweek

NYC NY, A Bakery Shop ...NYC NY, A Bakery Shop ... (Photo credit: ockstyle)
~ Looking for recipes? Check The Recipes Hunter collection...

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Food Meditations [by ockstyle] on FoodistaFood Meditations [by ockstyle]

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