50 States, 50 Dishes, 29 Wine Pairing, Polenta, Khinkali...

The right wine takes fresh flavors to an all new level. In Venice, all sorts of sea creatures are served alongside a slice of the golden polenta. Iconic American dishes, specialty dumpling houses in Tbilisi, Georgia. What happens when savvy cooks can access tons of highly-specialized recipes without ever cracking a cookbook? Still love trying to predict future trends?

Food Culture ~
In Italian Food, What's Authentic and Does It Really Even Matter?

"Is it inauthentic to use Vietnamese fish sauce when 2,000 years ago the Romans made and consumed fish sauce themselves?"

Italians are passionate about their food culture, but the ingredients we eat and how we eat them are constantly evolving...
Read more: In Italian Food, What's Authentic and Does It Really Even Matter? theatlantic.com

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"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti."
~Sophia Loren (goodreads.com)

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Food Meditations

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Travel bites
The New York Times ~ Polenta as the Foil to Squid

Cooking Channel ~ 50 States, 50 Dishes

Saveur ~ Khinkali (Georgian Dumplings) Recipe

Don’t throw money away! Book Flight + Hotel at the same time & Save up to $500!

Sunset ~ 29 shockingly perfect pairings

Food trends
The Side Dish ~ Parties That Cook’s Top 10 Food Trend Predictions for 2012

Blisstree ~ Recipe Blogs & Websites Only Boost Traditional Cookbook Market

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
* Blisstree ~ Researchers Say Gluten-Free Is A Scam; Some Doctors Disagree
* dLife.com ~ Type 2 Diabetes - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Complications, Insulin Resistance
* WebMD ~ Dog Diabetes Symptoms, Treatments and Diet

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bites - Puff Pastry with AsparagusBites - Puff Pastry with Asparagus (Photo credit: ockstyle)
~ Looking for recipes? Check The Recipes Hunter collection...

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Food Meditations [by ockstyle] on FoodistaFood Meditations [by ockstyle]

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