Smoking Signals, Intriguing Swedish, Kurdistan, Peru ...

"The dish looked so pure ...", it's the Swedish charm. Professional chefs on using up scraps. Tasting a legendary piece of a** in Kurdistan. Deceptively simple from Lima, Peru. Japan extreme eats, Asian noodles and harvesting asparagus. Street food: "holy smoke, fine dining is dead."

"Although it's as old as fire, smoking food seems to be experiencing a resurgence" - Smoked food is as delicious as the art of preparing it is ancient... The rise and rise of smoking food |

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"Great minds have purposes, others have wishes."
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Food Meditations

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Food for thought
Chefs are pros at turning scraps into a stunning second act ~ What's “leftovers” to professional chefs? ...

Culinary trends
Reasons to be cheerful in 2012: the food scene is suddenly fun ~ Fine dining is dead. Long live eating out with a crowd ...

* Top Foods to Eat in 2012: Banh Mi, Yuzu, Artisanal Pizza ~
* 10 Food Predictions for 2012 ~

Travel bites
New Stockholm Cuisine ~ The alabaster square of seared cod sat primly in a bath of golden foam ...

Hunting for Sheep's Butt in Kurdistan ~ Michael Y. Park recounts his quest for this legendary piece of a** ...

* Postcard From Tom: Review of Central Restaurante in Lima, Peru ~
* Video: Braving Japan's most extreme eats ~

Pantry notes
An Asian Noodle Glossary ~ A visual guide to 10 Asian noodles ...

How to grow asparagus: Another lesson from the Global Garden ~ Asparagus hardly ranks as an exotic edible, but harvesting ...

Organic Tomatoes in January: Sucking Mexico Dry ~

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
* Dietary needs are firmly on the menu ~
* What You Need to Know About False Gluten-Free Labeling ~
* Deception Diet: How Optical Illusions Can Trick Your Appetite ~ Think you know how to avoid overeating? Think again ...
* The level of arabinitol in autistic children after probiotic therapy ~

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