Mushroom Hunt, Olives in Chocolate and ... Kitchen Inspiration

Chef Inspiration:
Muse in the Kitchen

"...Inspiration comes from everywhere, everyone, everything. It’s very random..."

Writers, painters, and musicians often speak about the inspiration behind their masterpieces...
Read more: Chef Inspiration: Muse in the Kitchen;
"Being a reporter is as much a diagnosis as a job description." ~Anna Quindlen (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Food stories
~ When foraging for fungi is a mix of science, religion, and teenage rebellion...
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~ Went on a mystical hike to hunt down wild ginger -- and discovered how amazing it really is ...
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~ How cooking gave me purpose;

Food for thought
In the spirit of celebrating contemporary food culture, this subway-style map is intended to serve as a snapshot of the main actors, techniques, values and...
Read more: Food Culture Analyzed: Greater Food Culture;

Imagine eating ...
Testing a Carnegie-Mellon study that found that when you repeatedly imagine eating a certain food, your craving for that food is reduced...
Read more: Treats Without Calories? Imagine That;

Flavor experts
A kitchen turned into a mad scientist’s laboratory, bananas on turkey, duck in a marshmallow shell and ...
Read more: Are You Brave Enough to Eat This?

Austral kitchen comforts
Foodies offer everything you need to keep your kitchen humming all autumn long...
Read more: Home cooking;

Travel bites
~ The Best Ingredients in Europe? They're Probably Irish;
~Artisanal Food Fight: London's Farmers' Market Showdown;

Consumer info
~ New Seafood Watch Ranking for California and Oregon Wild Salmon;

Gluten-Free notes
~ What We’re (Not) Eating: A Potential Danger Of Gluten-Free;

Healthy corner
~ If your doctor recommended a drug whose manufacturer’s consulting fees financed his summer home, would that give you pause?...
Read more: Deeply conflicted;

~ Food Safety: There's a New Law, But How to Implement It?

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Carving Tools - Vegetables and Fruits [02]Image by ockstyle via Flickr
~ Couscous salad;
~ Deviled Eggs;
~ Crisp Sauteed Haricot Verts;

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Food Meditations [by ockstyle] on FoodistaFood Meditations [by ockstyle]

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