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Naughty fast-food fixes ~
15 Chefs Reveal Their Fast-Food Guilty Pleasures

"Chefs, they’re just like us! They read US Weekly, they watch American Idol, they shop for toilet paper and, yes, they also eat fast-food"

Wade Burch, Southwest NY, NYC; Pippa Calland, Villetta, LA; Cesare Casella, Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto, NYC...
Read more: 15 Chefs Reveal Their Fast-Food Guilty Pleasures;
"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero" ~Horace (

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Simplicity and reliance on quality ingredients
A crazy, pork-liver-filled, spur-of-the-moment dinner reminds a New York restaurateur of the value of cooking with restraint...
Read more: My Favorite Chef in Italy: A Lesson From One of the Greats;

Respected rather than revered
When it comes to culinary stardom, the food of the eastern Mediterranean gets a bum draw...
Read more: Abrakebabra: Hold the chilli sauce! There's a new donor in town (yes, it's posh...);

New life into your dinner
When you cook a lot, it is easy to run into periods of side-dish-fatigue, ending up serving the same old side dishes every day. But...
Read more: Honest Cooking: Six Salivating Sides;

Food labels
Sometimes there’s a thin line between healthy and unhealthy behavior. And one day...
Read more: I Was Orthorexic, And I Didn’t Even Know It;

The food trends concept
...ranting about the inexplicable popularity of what he refers to as a "snooty snack for snobs"...
Read more: To Trend or Not To Trend: A Continental Divide;

Consumer info
~ Warning: This video might seriously ruin your appetite for protein...
Read more: Video: Why “Meat Glue” and Franken-Steaks Are Banned in Other Countries;

~ Do you have 'sell-by date' paranoia? As Ministers consider scrapping best-before labels, a leading expert explains how to tell for yourself if food is fresh;

Gluten-Free notes
~ Gluten sensitivity, «l'altra» celiachia;
~ Potatoes are a Fresh, Natural Choice for Gluten-Free Eating;

Healthy corner
~ Flexitarian yogis and ahimsa;

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Rome - Swedish Cuisine, Chef K.C. WallbergImage by ockstyle via Flickr
~ United Tabbouleh of Lebanon | Poetry of Food;

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