Taste of Asia, Europe and Everything Leftovers. A Culinary Journey

Spice Route ~
Fancy a Malaysian? ~

"Think back to the last time you had a Chinese. Or a Thai. Or, perhaps, some Japanese"

While we’re used to go-out for a Chinese meal, Vietnamese and Korean have become commonplace, the subtle delights of Malaysian cuisine are a mystery to many...
Read more: Far Eastern cuisine: Fancy a Malaysian?; independent.co.uk

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New York Pass

Dishes that are even better than the main event
Let’s face it: A roast turkey is only a roast turkey once. After that, it’s leftovers...
Read more: Bonnie Stern: Skip straight to the leftovers; nationalpost.com

Be creative
A new study shows we throw out a quarter of our food. Here are tips and super-easy dishes to help you eat it all...
Read more: Seven tasty ways to stop wasting food; salon.com

Italian cuisine
Farming is no longer reserved just for farmers, green beans and radishes grow on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, on the Roman hills...
Read more: Passion for Farming; italian-food-lovers.com

Local soil dictates what's on the menu
A growing trend toward seasonal, homegrown produce is helping to reinvent Dutch cuisine...
Read more: The Netherlands Finds Its Flavor; wsj.com

A taste of Transylvania
Invited over to attend the Transylvania Festival, which was showcasing some of the best local artisan food producers...
Read more: Mark Hix recreates some delicious Romanian artisan specialities; independent.co.uk

Culinary journal
The moment I saw the plate of beef rendang, a Southeast Asian-style curried beef that's slow-cooked in coconut milk, I was suspicious...
Read more: In Search of Singapore: Ending a Quest for a Taste of Home; theatlantic.com

From Honolulu
Welcome to Hawaii, where kosher salt is "ethnic" but kimchi runs free among the prepared salads. Miso paste frolics with sauces and...
Read more: Hawaii's Ono Kine Grinds (Good Food); npr.org

Watch "Alex Guarnaschelli's: Butternut Squash Soup" at New York Magazine

Tasty bites
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Healthy corner
~ 5 Foods That Fight Fatigue; care2.com
~ Top Cancer-Fighting Foods; foodnetwork.com
~ Going meatless? Get keen on quinoa; suntimes.com

From the mixer ...
~ 12 foods nutrition experts buy for their own kitchens; walletpop.com
~ 10 Tips for Real Food Newbies; nourishedkitchen.com
~ GOOD GRUB GUIDE! The UN says eating creepy-crawlies will save the planet ...; dailymail.co.uk

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Asian Amuse Bouche [Sauces Trio]Image by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis - Appetizing Posts of the Day
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