Abalone, Food Stories and Tasty Tattoos, (So UnUsual!?)

Asian Food Scene ~
The $1.3 Million Abalone Stash

"Dried Abalone is considered far more precious than the fresh-one; larger in size, it develops more complex flavors as it ages. Usually braised tender, is a specialty of a legendary Hong Kong' seafood restaurant

On any given day, Hong Kong’s Fook Lam Moon restaurant stocks more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars (US$1.3 million) worth of dried abalone...
Read more: Fook Lam Moon's $1.3 Million Abalone Stash; wsj.com

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"Keep a thing seven years and it's bound to come in handy." ~Russian Proverb (quotegarden.com)

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Power ingredients
~ Umeboshi goes a long way. Though ume is commonly translated as plum, it’s actually made from a pickled species of Japanese apricot and...
Read more: For the Love of Salty-Sour: Umeboshi! chef2chef.net

~ Honey, as you know, is made by bees using the nectar from flowers, thus honey will taste differently from region to region...
Read more: Honey, those are some great recipes; nola.com

Flavour moment
Caring about the taste of what we eat every day is the basis of the whole worldwide foodstuffs industry...

Read more: Skate with cocoa - a taste of paradise?; independent.co.uk

~ Chef Pierre Gagnaire finds culinary inspiration based on what works, not on what's in fashion and often uses Asian ingredients...
Read more: Chef Shuns Food Fads; wsj.com

A serious nature
The bandwagon effect can be good when you are promoting a good idea and equally can be bad when you are promoting a bad idea...
Read more: 'Sustainable Food': Catchphrase or Lifestyle?; theatlantic.com

Food stories
~ “It’s simple.” This has been Mark Bittman’s mantra since he began as a food writer in 1980...
Read more: Mark Bittman — The minimalist; culinate.com

~ Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner? I will readily admit…I LOVE EATING...
Read more: Carolyn Donovan; fashionfoodfatale.com

An opportunity to explore a repertoire and offer dishes that simply can't turn out in a cramped basement kitchen...
Read more: Frank Ruta of Palena, the best chef you've never heard of; washingtonpost.com

Chef notes
~ Portland Chefs and Their Tasty Tattoos; oregonlive.com
~ Japanese Sushi Students Aim for a Job Overseas; nytimes.com
~ Seven Decisions to Make Before You Open Your Restaurant; newsweek.com

The healthy corner
~ Mad for winter squash; culinate.com
~ The pill that seriously kills your sweet tooth; salon.com

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Morikawa Ume Soumen  With Dipping Sauce on FoodistaMorikawa Ume Soumen With Dipping Sauce

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