3 Basic Food Trends : Chew, Swallow, Digest. (Sure, But What?)

Italian Axe Factor ~
Why are people queuing up outside a provincial butcher's in a tiny village in Tuscany?

"Prince Charles is a fan. Jamie Oliver urges his readers to seek him out. Meet one of the world's most famous butcher"

What is it about the Dante-spouting Dario Cecchini that has the carniscenti queuing up outside a provincial butcher's in a tiny village in Tuscany?...
Read more: The axe factor: Why are people queuing up outside a provincial butcher's in a tiny village in Tuscany?; independent.co.uk

"When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind." ~Seneca (quotegarden.com)

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

A Juicy List
The basic process of eating has remained unaltered throughout humanity's history: chew, swallow, digest...
Read more: 10 Things That Changed the Way We Eat; newsweek.com

Back to Basics
Paying attention to ingredients, especially the ones we can't pronounce...
Read more: Top 5 Food Trends To Watch; houstonpress.com

The Return of the Italian Dolce Vita
More and more stars are choosing to spend their time in Italy. What is bringing them? Good food is high on the list...
Read more: Returning Trend: I Love Italy; italian-food-lovers.com

Unorthodox Ingredients
The most intriguing item on the Chef René Redzepi's menu by far: edible dirt, perhaps one of the strangest fads to hit haute cuisine since sous vide...
Read more: Will Edible Dirt Make You Clean Your Plate?; time.com

Demanding Consumers
Six new mega-trends and market challenges are demanding product developers’ attention...
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From the Mixer
~ Last week, 114-year old Walter Breuning — the oldest living man on the planet — was sung “Happy Birthday to You” for the 98th time...
Read more: The oldest living man on the planet dishes on food, Prohibition, Yelp and more; sfgate.com

~ An opera-singing former caterer and a former personal chef, launched Solar Crepes, a solar-powered stand...
Read more: Something new under the sun; washingtonpost.com

Homemade Is Best
Not content with dominating the furniture and homewares market, Ikea is set to take on your cooking skills as well (preferably in one of their modular kitchens)...

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~ 5 Important New Trends in Location; mashable.com
~ Champagne-Carrying Plates; trendhunter.com
~ Anchovy Paste; saveur.com

Healthy Corner
~ Is a calorie just a calorie? grainsandmore.blogspot.com
~ European Food Conglomerate Validates Stupid 'Eat Like a Caveman' Trend Diet; gawker.com

Meat - Rabbit: Raw ThighsImage by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis - Appetizing Posts of the Day

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