Party, Picnic and Potluck with an Healthy Twist. It's the Weekend!

Impress your guests ~

Turn humble crudités into edible centrepieces ~

"Entertaining expert has been inspired by the elegance and simplicity of the south of France ever since he was a boy"

Like a bowlfuls of summer vegetables can be just as beautiful as flowers... On entertaining the St. Tropez way ...
Read more: Turn humble crudités into edible centrepieces;

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan - 1 FREE Week!
"Hockey belongs to the Cartoon Network, where a person can be pancaked by an ACME anvil, then expanded - accordion-style - back to full stature, without any lasting side effect." ~Steve Rushin (*)

Can You Find The Free Secret VitaTop Sample

According to the Oxford English Dictionary a picnic originally meant “a fashionable social entertainment in which each person present contributed a share of the provisions; ...
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Healthy Makeovers
Who doesn't love a potluck dinner? It's half the work and twice the fun! ...
Read more: Potluck Recipe Makeovers: Make Classic Dishes Healthier;

Fresh Ideas for Fall

Just in time for fall, some new books on flowers, food, etc.
From a presentation of 30 menus targeted for the fall and winter months, to floral designers tips ...
Read more: Fresh Ideas for Fall;

For a touch of colour
Balmy summer days lend themselves perfectly to salads. A lettuce lover gets her greens with recipes ranging from the classic to the sublime ...
Read more: Salad days;

Distinct Flavours
Celebrate any occasion with a special al fresco menu that highlights the best flavors of the season ...
Read more: Elegant Outdoor Dining;

Beyond Boiled
Get shucking, ready your cornmeal, and prepare to grin from ear to ear with: Spicy Shrimp Boil With Corn, Corn With Crème Fraiche, Lime, and Chili, ...
Read more: Beyond Boiled: 7 Summery Corn Recipes;

Skewered and Grilled
A grill and a savory sauce transform less popular cuts of chicken into a Japanese treat. ...
Read more: Beak-to-Tail Chicken Yakitori;

Urban Grilling

Video Library - The New York Times: Actually Grilled Cheese;

Sear Ye! Sear Ye!
A hiss, a cloud of smoke, and — omigod, that smells good! — summer's mind-blowingly memorable meal just landed on the grill ...
Read more: Sear Ye! Sear Ye! How to Become a Master Barbecue Chef;

Al Fresco
Put a fresh touch on your summertime parties with a lively alfresco buffet under the stars ...
Read more: Stargazing Menu;

~ To help avoid food poisoning it's important to make sure the food you make for yourself and for other people is safe to eat. ...
Read more: Keeping food safe;

~ With a light, mild and never "fishy"taste, tilapia is a great introduction to seafood for your kids. ...
Read more: KidSafe Seafood - Best Choices;

~ Freezing is one of the most convenient and least time-consuming methods of preserving foods. ...
Read more: The Big Chill: A Freezer Guide;

From the Mixer
~ It's not a joke! A man went in to see the doctor believing he had lung cancer, but discovered he had a pea plant growing inside him. ...
Read more: Doctors Find Pea Growing In Man's Lung;

~ Supermodel Kate Moss has gone plum crazy for her latest hobby - making JAM. ...
Read more: Kate Moss makes own damson jam;

Sea - Mussels Sautéed in a Wooden BowlImage by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts of the Day

~ Avocado Hummus;
~ Caprese Salad with Basil Vinaigrette;
~ Easy Chicken and Balsamic Peppers - Gluten-Free Recipes;
~ Lamb Kebabs with Mint Pesto;
~ Tofu Burgers Recipe;

Hummus Guacamole on FoodistaHummus Guacamole

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