On Fish Acupuncture, Going Green with Fish Oil and Comfort Food with Healthy Twist

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The freshest fish from the Far East ~

"A sort of 'fish acupuncture' to paralyze and render the animal senseless for the voyage to dinner tables around the world. A technique that chefs are to using more in order to enhance freshness."

Ask any sushi chef and they’ll tell you that eating fresh is a national obsession ...
Read more: The freshest fish from the Far East; theglobeandmail.com

"The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. ~Samuel Johnson" (*) QuoteGarden.com

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~ Skillet Salmon - One way to eat healthier is to choose lean protein sources ...
Recipe: Skillet Salmon with Dill Cream Sauce; seattletimes.nwsource.com

~Fish pie - Comfort food with a healthy twist, fish pie is the perfect dish for a winter evening. Just make sure someone else does the washing-up ...
Recipes: Nigel Slater's fish pie recipe; guardian.co.uk

Going Green

"A more efficient source of omega-3s is emerging, however, and it's made straight from the algae that give menhaden and other fish so many healthful fatty acids."

The appetite for omega-3 fatty acids — hailed by studies as a weapon against ailments from heart disease to Alzheimer's to depression — appears to be endless. ...
Read more: The Trouble with Fish Oil; Time.com

Revising the Classics
By making changes to a classic dish, could it becomes something else and when? Southern-Style Cioppino or Gumbo? ...
Read more: Revising the Classics: Culinary Sin?; theatlantic.com

Green cuisine
ARE YOU COOKING with a clear conscience? ...
Read more: The greening of cuisine: Eco-consciousness freshens the kitchen; philly.com

Going Green One Step at a Time
Going green is a process in which each small change helps, and, although changing everything at once isn't feasible, incremental changes are still worth talking about. ...
Read more: It's Fine to Go Green One Step at a Time; rimag.com

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