Spirits, Bananas and Other Ingredients

Spirited Cooking
Keep Some Liquor In The Kitchen

"Evaporation isn't the only factor, though. Dilution plays a role in how much alcohol is in a dish."

At the moment, my liquor cabinet is a bit bare, having been depleted by the holiday cooking season. We had bourbon cake and rum balls, plum pudding and fondue — and let's not forget the eggnog. In addition to wine, ...
Full Story: Spirited Cooking: Keep Some Liquor In The Kitchenl NPR.org

"When I have money, I get rid of it quickly, lest it find a way into my heart. ~John Wesley"(*)

Food Playground
Elements of the table
Don't play with food! What happens when ingredients such as xanthan and liquid nitrogen, associated with molecular gastronomy, formerly hard to find, go mainstream from restaurants to serious foodies and amateur cooks?

NYC chefs making a science of molecular gastronomy
Full Story: Elements of the table; NYPost.com

The banana: why is it such an object of ridicule?

"It's the fruit that's low-calorie, luxurious, lovely to look at - and, it seems, endlessly hilarious, says Nigel Farndale"

Why is the banana such an object of ridicule in this country? I know it is more popular with the fruit-eating public than, say, the enigmatic kiwi fruit, but ...
Full Story: The banana: why is it such an object of ridicule?; Telegraph.co.uk

Bananas on FoodistaBananas

(*) from QuoteGarden.com


Orange Pudding with Dark Chocolate SauceImage by ockstyle via Flickr

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