The Joys of Alternative Sugars ...

Healthy Eating
The joys of palm sugar and agave nectar

Alternative sugars are often too chemical - but there are exceptions
"Many will acknowledge that refined sugar has a narcotic element. It has a high glycemic index (GI), ..."
When asked recently to comment on proposed autumn menus for a state primary school, I was struck by the daily offerings of pudding. ...
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"Virtue is insufficient temptation. ~George Bernard Shaw"(*)

Food & Drink
Maple Syrup, the New Sugar?

"it’s much more versatile than people expect and has a depth of flavor that you want to incorporate into your cooking."
While we think of honey as both a stand-alone sweetener and an essential ingredient in things like marinades, salad dressings and glazes, we don’t view a similar sugary liquid, maple syrup, ...
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Stay fit with the right foods
"Healthy proteins and carbs are an essential part of any new year fitness regime"

It is all very well joining the gym, taking up jogging and generally increasing your exercise levels in a flourish of January enthusiasm, but to get the most from the extra activity, ...
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