Anti-Ageing Foods: Canned, Frozen and/or Fresh?

It's fascinating to read about the power of the antioxidants and the 'foods' that are "pack" with it, as well as what those very substances can do in the anti-aging domain. But, when I read something like "eat a portion a day of any of those 'foods' to look ten years younger", I am wondering if there is/are any 'food'-related-company(ies) sponsoring

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Anti-ageing superfoods

"Eat one portion of any three of these superfoods to look ten years younger plus the eight diet fundamentals"
The entire ageing process, from your first wrinkle to deteriorating memory, depends on oxidation, ...
Full List: Anti-ageing superfoods; Times Online

"Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute. ~Gil Stern"(*)

Staying Healthy
Is Canned and Frozen Produce as Healthy as Fresh?

"But the majority of us get our food from supermarkets, where it’s spent weeks traveling in a truck or on a plane, only to sit on shelves for even longer."
Given the plethora of produce that’s readily available at supermarkets and farmers’ markets around the country, it’s surprising that so few of us get the recommended five servings a day. ...
Full Story: Is Canned and Frozen Produce as Healthy as Fresh?;

(*) from

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