Speedy Braised Meat, Italian Tripe and a look into Algerian Cuisine

If you don't think every day is a good day, just try missing one. ~Cavett Robert

A Good Appetite on the NYTimes.com
A Satisfying, Speedy Braise

Pork, garlic and rosemary are classic together, especially when paired with tomato.

WHEN I think about braising, I think of carnivorous, all-day affairs. I think of browning a gargantuan slab of flesh, adding just enough liquid to partly cover it, and letting it stew for hours, steaming up the windows in a perfumed cloud of melting meat fat and oozing, succulent juices.
Braised meat is cold-weather fare, and on the first nippy day of autumn, I wanted some, badly. ...
Full Story: ...
... A Satisfying, Speedy Braise; By MELISSA CLARK

World's Cuisine on the TimesOnline.co.uk
AA Gill is our man in Algiers

No restaurant in Europe would serve this dish, but here, in the warm night, it is intimate and sensual.

The Sunday Times food critic joins the restauranteur Mourad Mazouz to sample the flavours of North Africa.
Every part of the Mediterranean has its talismanic fish dish. The rascasse bouillabaisse of the south of France, the tuna of southern Italy, octopus of Greece, ...
Full Story: AA Gill is our man in Algiers

Femail> Food on the DailyMail.co.uk
Halogen Ovens

Does cooking an entire two-course Sunday roast dinner in a glass bowl plugged into a wall socket sound too weird to be true? If so, think again. Welcome to the world of the halogen table-top oven. ...
Full Story: They roast a chicken in 30 minutes, clean themselves and cost just £40. We give halogen ovens a grilling

La trippa alla fiorentina

Una ricetta toscana “verace” conosciuta in tutto il mondo e cucinata spesso dalle famiglie toscane, grazie anche alla sua semplicit√†, oltre che al gusto.
Ricetta: La trippa alla fiorentina

Florentine Tripe on Foodista


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Vermicelli pasta with Mediterranean Clams and ...Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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