Culinary Talents; Is Organic a Quality Guarantee? And a bit of Healthy Kitchen with Recipes.

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Life & Style on The New Zealand Herald
Kiwi chef named one of world's top culinary talents

London-based New Zealand chef Anna Hansen's "fusion" style has led to her being rated among "the most significant and exciting culinary talent" working today.
Hansen, 39, has been included in a new book, Coco, which publisher Phaidon Press says features 100 of the world's best chefs.
She owns The Modern Pantry, ...
Full Story: ...
... Kiwi chef named one of world's top culinary talents

World's Cuisines on The
Manti: A Food Without Borders
Manti is a comfort food that transcends borders, a dish popular in both Turkish and Armenian cuisine, is a tiny ball of spiced ground lamb or beef encased in fresh pasta. There is the recipe in case you'd like to try doing it.

The historic Turkish-Armenian talks last week probably had more to do with lucre than with justice, but I will take the opportunity nonetheless to pay tribute to an essential element of shared Turkish and Armenian cuisine: ...
Full Story: Manti: A Food Without Borders; by Maggie Schmitt

The California Cook on the
'Organic' label doesn't guarantee quality or taste
Non-organic food can be good, too - The author writes that some of his favorite farmers' produce is not organic. "Between pure organics and the reckless use of chemicals, there is a huge gray area, and this is where most farming is done," he writes.

Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's the best. Let flavor dictate.
I don't believe in organic. There, I've said it and I feel better. It's something that's been on my mind for years. ...
Full Story: 'Organic' label doesn't guarantee quality or taste; By RUSS PARSONS

Healthy Kitchen on
Cranberries 5 Ways
Cranberries are more than that jelly stuff in the canned goods aisle. Here are five ways to use fresh or frozen ones, including a Thanksgiving sauce.

It wouldn’t be fall without cranberries. At only 46 calories a cup, fresh berries add guilt-free sweetness to mains, sides, desserts and more. Plus, they’re an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber. Of course, ...
Full Story: Cranberries 5 Ways; by Toby Amido

Cranberries on Foodista

Food & Wine on The Sacramento Bee
Meatloaf: Comfort by the slice

The season has arrived when home cooks break out the heavy-duty pots and pans, and turn to their cool-weather repertoires, tantalizing families and guests with delectable aromas wafting from the kitchen. ...
Full Story: Meatloaf: Comfort by the slice; By Allen Pierleoni


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