Sea Bounty and the Scientific Dispute Over What’s Safe and What’s Not.

The Specialist on the
Urchin roe a delicacy for those who can get past the spikes - Sea urchins have as many as 400 spines protecting an interior that is delicate, briny and sweet.

Savor the sea urchin’s sweet roe. But beware: Nabbing the spiky jewel is a thorny task.
A 30-knot north wind builds along the northeast coastline of Maine and the seas rise to a choppy 8 feet. Snow falls sideways; nearly 2 inches of it since first light on this early spring day. Rob Odlin, a commercial fisherman, ...
Full Story: ...
... Sea Urchins’ Sharp Taste; by William R. Snyder

Recipes for Health on the
Fish become more delicious when eaten responsibly - Those who love the healthful attributes of fish but are wary of harming slowly dwindling fish populations can use the Environmental Defense Fund's guides to seafood and sushi to make decisions easier.

What to do about seafood?
Nutritionists say we should eat more, that many types of fish are nutritious and contain fats that seem to protect the heart. Yet some species have been found to contain high levels of environmental contaminants like PCBs and mercury, ...
Full Story: The Seafood Conundrum; By MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN

Food on the
Kelp noodles are an alternative to pasta - Kelp noodles, made of seaweed cut into long strips, are packaged precooked and frozen and can be used in place of pasta or vegetables.

CASCO BAY, Maine - Kelp noodles are exactly what they sound like: seaweed in long, green strips cut to the rough dimensions of linguine. "Ingredients: Kelp," reads the package. ...
Full Story: Kelp: something different from the sea

A Good Appetite on the
Squid, in an instant - Squid is inexpensive, and easy to buy cleaned and ready for cooking. That makes recipes such as this one for spicy calamari over couscous, with tomatoes, caperberries, spinach and pine nuts, super-quick to prepare.

THERE’S an old chestnut about squid: Cook it either for just two minutes, or leave it on the stove for at least 30.
When quickly sautéed, the squid retains its saline plumpness and stays juicy and tender. When cooked for a long time, the flesh relaxes and softens, absorbing all the flavors of the sauce. And ...
Full Story: The Squid and the Shortcut; By MELISSA CLARK

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