Artisanal Tofu, Vegan Wines and the Swizzle

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The joy of soy: fresh tofu in Southern California

Artisan tofu shops use old-fashioned methods - Small, family-run artisan tofu shops in Southern California all use different techniques to create fresh tofu. Several recipes are included.

Southern California is full of great tofu makers, and we've searched out the best.
Tofu gets a bum rap. Some people dismiss it as health food for vegans and hippies. Others think that it's just a jiggly white brick with no flavor. That may be because people think of tofu only as the characterless cubes sitting cold and ...
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... The joy of soy: fresh tofu in Southern California; By Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee

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Vegan vino? Sure, but it comes with a few catches

Getting the bugs out when making vegan wine - For a wine to be vegan, it must be made without commonly used elements such as egg whites or gelatin, which are animal-based. They also must be free of the tiny bugs that are inevitably pressed and fermented with the grapes in most wines.

WINE NOTES: Aside from the issue of certification, there's the problem of pulverized bugs in the final mix.
Wines made from organically grown grapes used to suffer from a reputation for inadequacy. These were the murky beverages that were sold in health food co-ops and ...
Full Story: Vegan vino? Sure, but it comes with a few catches; By KATHERINE COLE

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It’s Not So Mysterious: The Secret Is in the Swizzle
Drinks that are neither shaken nor stirred - Some bartenders are adept at making drinks that are swizzled with a genuine swizzle stick, from a tree native to the Caribbean. Though the technique is fun to watch, it is not clear whether it actually produces a better drink.

WHEN Katie Stipe, a bartender at the Clover Club in Boerum Hill, gets an order for a mojito, she recommends that the customer try a Queens Park Swizzle instead.
“We steer them to it as a far superior version of the same sort of drink,” she said. Indeed, the cocktails share many ingredients: rum, citrus, sugar, mint. So why bother converting a customer? ...
Full Story: It’s Not So Mysterious: The Secret Is in the Swizzle; By ROBERT SIMONSON


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