Premium Chocolates, Fruits and More Sweet Notes

'Forget love - I'd rather fall in chocolate!' ~Attributed to Sandra J. Dykes

Gourmet Chocolate on
The world of chocolate has its highs and lows and our palate has evolved beyond swapping quality for quantity. While Ferrero Rocher and Godiva are fine, gourmet chocolate is more abundant - and more available - in today’s market than ever before. Chocolate is the voice of passion and love, whether it is the love of chocolate itself or as an expression of love for another human being. After all why shouldn’t we spend it on the good stuff? ...
Full Story: ...
... Fine Living: Premium Chocolates; By James Raiswell

Apple Cake in Rome, I, from The Boston Globe
Think of Italian desserts, think of fresh fruit: pears, figs, and grapes in the autumn; peaches, berries, and melons in the summer; and nuts - walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds - year round. A popular dessert in Rome is torta di mele, or apple cake. Though it is considered a humble dessert, it is delicious and easy to prepare.
Until I began spending several months at a time in Rome four years ago, I never associated Italy and apples. Apples are quintessentially American! But as I learned shopping in markets here, apples are plentiful all year. Still, ...
Full Story: Si, si, an apple dessert; By Judith Barrett
Photo: Torta di Mele from A Tavola con Semplicita'

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~ Tiny watermelons are no bigger than kumquats - Tiny watermelons called Pepquinos were found in the wild and are now cultivated in greenhouses. The skin is soft, so the entire melon can be eaten whole.
~ Delicious Alphonsos inspire mango mania - The Indian Alphonso mango is picked ripe for maximum sweetness and juiciness. They can be hard to find, so if you can't find them, other mangoes will work well in the recipes provided, including ones for rice pudding and salsa.

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