Beware of Shopping-Mall Food Courts Planning!

Eat, Drink and Be Healthy
The folks who plan shopping-mall food courts are no dummies. They know that when you've been slogging from store to store all morning, dragging ever-bigger bags of bargains (plus your winter coat) and contending with snippy salesclerks and pushy fellow shoppers, come noontime you'll be ready to eat - and eat just about anything. ...
... And by "just about anything" I mean the carb and fat-heavy concoctions beckoning from behind the food court counters: cheeseburgers and fries, sesame chicken, rich and creamy shakes. They tempt you when your guard is down - and before you know it, you've ingested more calories than you'd choose to consume when your wits are about you. ...

Full Story: Courting Dietary Disaster at the Mall? With Planning, You Can Shake It Off; By Jennifer Huget, on the



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