Mindful Eating - Dinner as Meditation. [A Day in the Life of an Anorexic]

I go to the bathroom and weigh myself again to see if the number changes It tells me whether or not I can eat breakfast... A Day in the Life of an Anorexic | eatingdisorders.about.com

Mindful eating turns your meals into a special type of meditation. If you practice mindful eating you'll notice that you are aware of being full sooner, your food preferences change (for the better), and many other benefits. Give it a try at your next meal...
Mindful eating is a practice that has existed for centuries, but few practice it in our culture. In fact, we are rarely mindful at all when we eat. For example, you may have seen someone walk into the kitchen, fill a plate with a few things (or grab a bag of snacks) and begin eating before sitting down at the table...
Full Article: Mindful, Sensual Eating: How to Develop Food and Eating Awareness; By Matthew Tiemeyer, on About.com

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