Kabocha Squash Becomes the Centerpiece

The kabocha squash stands out from its winter squash siblings as it is nuttier and sweeter. Steam, bake or simmer it with onion, sweet corn, celery and carrot in a vegetable broth. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger.
The greatest thing about autumn is the harvest of winter squash - and we're in high season...
...Inexpensive, nutritious, easy to prepare and filling, butternut, acorn and even spaghetti squashes tend to get the spotlight in the cornucopia. But in recent years, the kabocha squash has started to edge its way into the mainstream. The draw, one chef says, is its subtle nuttiness and delicate sweetness that blends - not overpowers - other vegetables in a warm salad or even a soup...

Full Story: Squash's flavor, if not name, is now familiar; by LISA DONOVAN, on Sun Times


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