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Open kitchen ~ The Rise of an American Cuisine "In Curarrehue, it's usually raining. The misty green town in southern Chile is surrounded on all sides by ancient forests" As chefs around the world try to emerge from Europe's shadow ... Chile is offering one model of what that revolution might look like... Read more: The Rise of an American Cuisine;

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“The language of the body is the key that can unlock the soul.” ~Konstantin Stanislavsky (

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Traveler's Tale
Novelist J. Courtney Sullivan recalls a massive meal in the south of France that intimidated—then inspired...
Read more: An Insane Feast in France;

Lactic sharpness
Sharpen up with crème fraîche or cream cheese, and give your summer supper a refreshing kick...
Read more: Nigel Slater's herring and passion fruit recipes;

Inspired entertaining
Nothing exemplifies the splendors of summer more than sharing a mouthwatering meal with family and friends outdoors...
Read more: Gifts From The Sea and River;

Famous freeze
Test yourself this Summer and see if it is the icon or the flavour that sways your taste buds to make a tasty decision...
Read more: Iconic Ice Cream. Who will you lick?

Vanning basics
Canning isn't just about preserving the harvest, it's about socializing, too...
Read more: Party in a Can: Canning Parties Combine Good Food with Good Fun;

Unusual menu
A pub in Swaledale now has a menu for its canine customers. Will the idea catch on?...
Read more: The pub that's proud to serve up dogs' dinners;

No Comment!
~ Woman Could Be Jailed For Vegetable Garden;

Gluten Free Notes
~ Episode 10: Gluten free;

Healthy corner
~ The Hottest (Wackiest) Diets: What Works?
~ Do we all have computer neck?

Food for thought
~ 5 Essential Reads on Food Politics;

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