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Mediterranean and Eastern European recipes ~
In Israel, a Pork Cookbook Challenges a Taboo

"A Pork Cookbook in Israel? A retired cardiologist has written “The White Book,” touted as the first cookbook of its kind. (Not Kosher)"

Any author has to deal with bad reviews, but how about the wrath of God?
Read more: In Israel, a Pork Cookbook Challenges a Taboo;

"Sugar, (Merilyn Monroe): A herring? Isn't it amazing how they get those big fish into those little glass jars?
Junior, (Tony Curtis): They shrink when they're marinated."
Memorable quotes for "Some Like It Hot" (1959);

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Irresistibly Satisfying
~ A double-dip economic downturn would just be au jus to resilient, reinvented, recession-proof sandwich...
Read more: The 7 Best Sandwiches You'll Want Next;

~ Sandwiches have graduated from the lunchbox to trendy restaurants. Here, great ethnic-inspired variations...
Read more: The (New) Sandwich Generation;

Food Festivals
Whatever the temperature, whether the leaves are beginning to turn, celebrations of national and local foodways show no sign of slowing down...

Read more: October Food Festivals;

Food Stories
~ Artifice and illusion are essential ingredients in creating fantasy food, but without real imagination...
Read more: Fantasy food cookbooks;

~ 'Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!' From the grotesque to the hilarious, serve us up some food-related horror stories...
Read more: Non-essential ingredients;

Cooking the Books with
~ Lidia Bastianch known for her Italian cookbooks and restaurants, has another role that she deems just as (if not even more) important: grandmother...
Read more: Chef writes 'Nonna Tell Me a Story' - Lidia Bastianich;

~ Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking is that rare kitchen reference commonly found in restaurants and homes...
Read more: Discussing the 'Keys to Good Cooking' - Harold McGee;

Food on Film
Mincing No Words Even the late master Surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel, he of the famous slit eyeball, would likely agree with...
Read more: Blood, Sweat & Jeers;

Mysterious Alchemists
If you've ever looked at food on a page - in a cookbook, a magazine or an advertisement - you've probably seen Delores Custer at work...
Read more: White plates, light garnish: Learn from the food stylist;

Rock Oysters
An e-mail titled “Living the dream”. Attached is a photograph, of five young people eating oysters in a field, with Stonehenge in the background...
Read more: The raw, the fried and the cooked;

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Healthiest and UnHealthiest, Seafood Trends : ...

Food Trend Alert ~
Sardines Make a Serious Comeback Amongst Environmentalists, Health Nuts, and Foodies

"Eating tuna and salmon is the functional equivalent of eating grizzly bears and cougars on land"

Sardine Sustainability - Sardines are on the Monterey Bay Aquarium green list because they are sustainably managed and...
Read more: Food Trend Alert: Sardines Make a Serious Comeback Amongst Environmentalists, Health Nuts, and Foodies;

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"You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving." ~Author Unknown; (

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Oily Fish
Sardines are baby pilchards – long, thin, silver, oil-rich fish. (Oil-rich fish, or oily fish, are those that have oil distributed through their body)...
Read more: Sardine : Recipes and helpful tips;

Bouillabaisse, the one-pot fish stew from Southern France, has been cropping up on some of New York's finest menus...
Read more: Bouillabaisse Explained: Five Questions for Adam Gopnik;

Food Festivals
La Tomatina - What's rumored to have originated as a local brawl (possibly an attack on city council members by disgruntled townspeople) in Buñol, Spain...

Read more: World's Weirdest Food Festivals;

New Toques
Quebec's gastronomy has come a long way and it keeps reinventing itself, with the help of proud, creative and hard-working younger chefs...
Read more: Holy mackerel: This fish dish is smokin';

Healthy and UnHealthy
~ There’s a wide variety of healthy seafood choices. Although many fish and shellfish are inherently high in cholesterol, eating seafood twice a week...
Read more: Healthiest Seafood;
~ Seafood is often considered a healthy alternative to other forms of animal protein. However, due to deteriorating environmental conditions, some seafood is becoming unhealthy...
Read more: Five Unhealthiest Seafood;

Learn more about Native Remedies

Will Consumers Accept?
Keeping an eye on the FDA as the agency debates whether to approve genetically modified salmon for sale in the U.S...
Read more: If New Salmon Is Approved, Will Anyone Eat It?;

Successful Enterprises
Tom Colicchio talks about what to avoid if you want to succeed as a restaurant owner...
Read more: How to Succeed as a Top Chef;

Best cookbooks - Joël Robuchon currently holds 25 Michelin stars, more than any other chef in the world...

Read more: The Complete Robuchon;

Restaurant Interiors
Dining as art—designers create dazzling restaurant interiors and installations...
Read more: The World's Most Innovative Restaurant Interiors | Co.Design;

From the Mixer
~ Genetically Modified Salmon - Frankenfish Health Effects;
~ "Fish Dependence Day" Arrives a Month Earlier for European Union & Its Troubled Fish Stocks;
~ Europe's fishing industry 'unsustainable' as stocks drop;

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Taranka, (Dried Taran Roach)Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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Spicy News : Chili, Tasty Pain

A Perk of Our Evolution ~
Pleasure in Pain of Chilies

"Turning homegrown habaneros into hot sauce is cause to celebrate the human capacity to enjoy such tasty pain"

Late summer is chili harvest time, the perfume of roasting chilies, the delightful, painful fruit of plants of the genus Capsicum being turned into salsa, hot sauce and...
Read more: A Perk of Our Evolution - Pleasure in Pain of Chilies;

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan - 1 FREE Week!
"The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had." ~Author Unknown (

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Can You Find The Free Secret VitaTop Sample

Lovely Intensity
Smoke likes spice. Spice likes smoke. They like being naughty and nice together...
Read more: Smoke Signals: The glory of Hatch chiles;

Xingjian Province
Spicy, hearty and delicious, of all the cuisines of Asia, Uyghur food may be among the least known in the West...
Read more: Tired of Chinese, sushi and Thai? Try Uyghur;

April Bloomfield taught us to eat everything. t’s four o’clock on a Thursday in the barroom of the Breslin, a grand meaty pub with animal heads and...

Read more: Of Pig Snouts and Headcheese;

Simple Little Trattoria
A non-celebrity chef's journey to open a new restaurant, after 17 years cooking professionally and 11 as a chef in New York City...
Read more: From Pigs to Pasta: Hopes and Fears of a New York Chef;

Poblano Chiles
a.k.a. ancho chiles (when dried), one of the most commonly used chiles in Central Mexican cooking...
Read more: Recipes using poblano chiles;

Middle Eastern Purée
Breaking down the bean dip to its elements, you can create your own in any flavor and with any bean...
Read more: How to invent the next hummus;

More on Rick Stein Cooks - BBC;

Apple Man
The "usual" time for the Golden Delicious is coming and going quickly. Don't postpone that picking trip...
Read more: Apples are in early: Time to pick, take a bite and cook;

From the Mixer
~ Encyclopedia of spices;

Fruit - Apples: Red Apples on WoodImage by ockstyle via Flickr

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Stylish Bites, Arcimboldo and a Life Without Gluten

Recapture the Essence ~
The Perfect Paella

"A food writer's quest to recapture her glorious past via a handful of rice, the recipe for the authentic paella"

There are few Spanish items one can't get in Los Angeles, there are great specialty shops where one can buy everything Iberian, but paella is a different story. The combination of textures, flavours, that add up to something special...

Read more: The Perfect Paella;

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The language of friendship is not words but meanings. ~Henry David Thoreau (

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Stylish Mouthfuls
Creating the most stylish mouthfuls of the season, and it isn't just a vol-au-vont...
Read more: Canape chic;

Tasty and Exotic Diet
Ever wonder what it would feel like to be a Greek god? Worshiped by women, adored by lower beings? Well...
Read more: Mediterranean diet;

Giuseppe Arcimboldo
1526-1593: Nature and Fantasy” shows the artist as more than just an inspiration for the Surrealists...

Read more: Several Obsessions, United on the Canvas;

Have you ever made a conscious decision to try to come to like a flavour you've always hated?...
Read more: Changing flavour behaviour;

Simmering not Boiling
Chef Tamura’s nishime (simmered chicken and vegetables) is in the style of a classic Japanese meal...
Read more: Nishime (simmered chicken and vegetables);

Learn more about Native Remedies

What is gluten?
Gluten is simply the protein part of wheat, rye, barley, and other related grains...
Read more: Simply Explained, Please!;

Recipes for Kid
Start the school right by sending your gluten-free kids out the door with a healthy breakfast...
Read more: Kid Friendly Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes;

Cooking Lab
The food world eagerly awaits the former Microsoft technology officer's book on the science of cooking...

Read more: Nathan Myhrvold's "Modernist Cuisine";

Celiac Disease
~ A pastry chef who can't eat flour? How's that for irony?...
Read more: A sweet job, with or without wheat;

~ Early diagnosis and careful diet can reduce symptoms...
Read more: Solving the mystery of celiac disease;

Fish Scaler, Brass (traditional Japanese design)Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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Boozy Fruits, Feisty Condiments - Food Preservation (Canning, Pickling, ...)

Stretch the Summer's Harvest ~
Time to Jam, Pickle and Preserve

"Preserving food at home by way of pickling, canning, etc. has never been so popular as more and more people want to learn how to do it. Here some refrigerated-preserving recipes"

In many parts of the country, harvest season is drawing to a close. And for lots of people, that means it’s time to for pickling, preserving, and...
Read more: Time to Jam, Pickle and Preserve;

"All the so-called "secrets of success" will not work unless you do." ~Author Unknown (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Bubble, bubble, it's no trouble
The ancient art of fermentation has earned a devoted set of fans, including Monica Corrado, who teaches that the bacteria inherent in the process are nothing to fear...
Read more: Fermentation: A wild way to make food come to life;

Delicious Condiment
Mustard fruit, there's nothing better to add an Italian tingle to meat dishes...
Read more: Hold the Dijon: Skye Gyngell reveals how to make your own mustard fruit;

Food for Thought
An expert tells us how our food system is repeating the history of doomed civilizations...

Read more: Why our agricultural empire will fall;

Freshness and Liveliness
Relish, a spoonful or two can spark almost any meal. Can be made from tomato, corn, eggplant, and more seasonal vegetables and fruits...
Read more: Rethinking relish: Beyond cucumbers and vinegar;

Yes, she Cans
Jane Black conquers her fear of botulism and learns that making her own pickles and preserves is easier than she thought. It's also a great excuse to throw a party...
Read more: Have a canning party;

Pickles for Beginners
Canning and pickling it’s such a great way to preserve the harvest for later and it’s so gratifying to put up your own food...
Read more: In a Pickle: Cucumbers, Okra, and Green Beans;

Herb Overload
Chefs are finding creative uses for the herbs that are bountiful now. Ideas include using the herbs to infuse spirits, and creating sauces including pesto and chimichurri, which can be frozen for later use...
Read more: Helping herbs go the distance;

Boozy Fruit
AT the end of every summer, as the heaps of fresh fruit start to dwindle at the farmers’ markets, the urge to preserve it all pulls strong...

Read more: Preserving Fruit With Alcohol;

An Important Kick
Good cooks know the power of pepper. Whether you’re preparing a beloved egg dish, a homemade Caesar salad, or a plate of ravioli...
Read more: All about peppercorns — Beyond black;

From the Mixer...
~ Can it! - Sustainable food;
~ Pickled winter vegetables;

From the Blogospere...
~ Food in Jars - A Canning Blog

Preserved Fruits in a Glass JarImage by ockstyle via Flickr

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Terra e Gusto...



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