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Comfort zone ~ How to cook the perfect jacket potato

"Cooking a jacket potato is more art than science, but you can skew the odds in your favour with a little know-how"

They're popular with everyone from hearty outdoors types who can knock up a campfire in less time than it takes me to strike a match...
Read more: How to cook the perfect jacket potato; guardian.co.uk

"If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent." ~Isaac Newton (quotationspage.com)

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Rustic countryside
Thinking of chestnuts not as just an autumn-into-winter dish, but a special-occasion dish...
Read more: For chestnut lovers, now's the time; washingtonpost.com

Drama and novelty
Modern haute cuisine is working so hard to add scents to our plates: pillows of vaporized fresh-mown grass...
Read more: The Tonka Bean: An Ingredient So Good It Has to Be Illegal; theatlantic.com

Sex & Food the Italian way
Zink, iron, phosphorus and calcium should always be on a man’s list of elements to consume before a hot date, because virility...
Read more: Sex and the Food: ingredients that get men running; italian-food-lovers.com

Vegies Times
~ It’s now more than four decades since the Mediterranean diet got its first tick of approval in the Seven Countries Study...
Read more: Vegies are tastier the Mediterranean way; theage.com.au

~ Mike Lieberman talking about his personal connection to food, his addiction to his produce and his fear that...
Read more: A Visit to My Kitchen: Mike Lieberman, the Urban Organic Gardener; mariasfarmcountrykitchen.com

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Holidays and menus
~ The Diwali celebration of happiness and freedom is, besides the fun and frolics, best demonstrated by the great food that’s made in homes across India.
Read more: Cyrus Todiwala: Sweet treats for Diwali; bbc.co.uk

~ Sweets for Diwali; indianfood.about.com

Flavour layers
It was not until tasting a sheep's milk ricotta cake in Florence that came the realization of the cheese's true dessert potential...
Read more: Moving The Cheese From Starter Plate To Dessert Tray; npr.org

~ Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes, tested and tweaked to make sure they could be easily prepared by home chefs...
Read more: Food Festival Cuisine for Thanksgiving; nytimes.com

~ 4 Thanksgiving Menus; realsimple.com

Techniques and Tips
~ What goes into your perfect hamburger, and what goes on top? Is beef still best for burgers, and where serves the finest in the world?...
Read more: How to make the perfect hamburger; guardian.co.uk

~ Fowl Play; finecooking.com

Meetic Italy

Healthy corner
~ Egg Yolks Versus Fast Food in Cholesterol Showdown; slashfood.com

From the mixer
~ Julia Roberts Wants The World to Celebrate Diwali; inquisitr.com
~ Meat-free sausages| meat-free mince| quorn| vegetarian meat substitutes; theage.com.au
~ The trend: Let them eat bread; ft.com

Vermicelli pasta with Mediterranean Clams and ...Image by ockstyle via Flickr

~ Gulai Cubadak (Nangka) - Minangese Green Jackfruit Curry; indonesia-eats.blogspot.com
~ Olive Oil Granola; kitchenkonfidence.com
~ Hulled millet with red bell peppers… not only for canaries; julskitchen.com
~ Lime Squares with Gingersnap Crust Recipe; cookincanuck.blogspot.com
~ Caramel Crumb Bars; Smells like home

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