Party Food by Nigella and Beefless Yorkshire Pudding

Party food: Nigella Lawson's Impressively simple, simply impressive menu
December means wading knee-deep through party invitations. This festive feast is an easy to prepare fun-loving affair ... BBC - Food ~ Recipes : Maple-roast parsnips

Did you know..? The French started offering canapés to their guests in the 18th century, and the English adopted the practice at the end of the following century. The more modern version of the canapé is the amuse-gueule. Amuse-guele literally means 'gob amuser' but is translated more delicately as 'palate pleaser'. []

The Minimalist: The Beefless Yorkshire Pudding. "Soft and custard-like on the inside, golden brown and crisp on the outside, popovers are easy to make and can stand in for Yorkshire pudding at a Christmas feast... The Beefless Yorkshire Pudding |

Recipe: Beefless Yorkshire Pudding ~ Festive Cooking |

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Zucchini's Blossoms on Black PlateImage by ockstyle via Flickr

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